At Torrey Pacific Properties we have many agents who are professional, hard working and optimistic. We market our services utilizing a proven strategy and provide a business system to take care of our clientele’s needs.

What do we do differently at Torrey Pacific Properties?

1. We employ low cost, effective marketing strategies that bring in qualified buyers and motivated sellers. This system brings in consistent, reliable, sustainable leads for our busy agents. As an agent at TPP, we will train you to utilize these proven strategies. If you are not already busy with many leads coming in, why stay with the status quo?

2. We believe in consistent training to create a team of professionals with outstanding verbal and sales skills. We do not follow the tired stereotype of selling ‘who the agent is’ with every marketing piece. We step into the new decade with a new strategy whose time has come. A good agent will be their clients trusted advisor and planner. We believe fostering a lasting relationship with clients is the key to consistent referrals. Sell for the relationship, not the commission. If you make a sale, you make a commission. We believe that if you make a friend, you can earn a fortune. Earning your client’s friendship and trust will lead to a consistent stream of referral business, which is the cornerstone of a career in real estate. The testimonials that your satisfied past clients will be the mortar in building your business.

3. Many times, what the clients initially say they want (location, price, school district, investment) is not always what they reall want or need. We believe that you must become proficient at listening and comprehending what’s between the lines to help your clients find what’s most important to them. Customers should expect an agent to listen to their client’s wants and needs, but not always agree with them. We believe successful agents should think outside of the box. They should not only consider all of the possible options, but they should come up with some new ones and then help their client to pick the one that will best drive them toward their goals.

4. We utilize scripts and findings from research in Linguistics, Positive Psychology, Teamwork, Emotional IQ, Sales and Communication to train our agents. We also help our agents to stay current with changes in real estate and mortgage law, market trends, interest rates, MLS training and we bring in guest speakers to address current topics in the business. We are becoming our client’s “Agent for life” by maintaining a constant atmosphere of learning in our own profession.

5. Our broker is available to provide his experience and knowledge to help you navigate the contract and negotiations phase of the real estate transaction.

6. We believe that an informed client will make better decisions and thus we have systems in place to educate our clients. We employ many strategies and give many services to our clients:

§ Buyers and Sellers guides to give clients the detailed information concerning the sale of a property, including:

-Information on Escrow,

-Title Insurance,


-Choosing a Mortgage,

-Loan information,

-The benefits of getting pre-approved,

-Our Home Buyer’s Program,

-“Silent Market” etc.. .

6. With a busy office and relationships built with other local agents, we strive to match Buyers and Sellers, even before the listing officially makes it on the MLS, thus creating the optimal experience for our clients with quick sale times.

7.We have agents who focus on the staging of a home which enables sellers to get top dollar for their home. We also have agents who specialize in Foreclosures, which is vital in this rising market. It is a pre-requisite that each agent on our team has a specialty and works closely with other agents so that all of the client’s needs are met in our office.

8.We also believe in videoing clients properties for maximum marketing opportunities with custom websites for each property. We believe that unconventional marketing strategies can really make a home stand out against other properties with similar specifications.



Do you work in a team that is cohesive and engaging so that you are a part of something bigger which can offer its clients full service Real Estate services?

Do you consistently learn and train so that you can be the best agent possible?

Do you feel like you are selling to your full potential?

Do you currently tap into all of the referral business that is within your sphere of influence?

Do you know how to ask the right questions of your clients and listen effectively to find the hidden motives for your client’s decisions?

Do you have a long list of clients who consider you their “Agent for Life”?

Are you frustrated by clients that are too cautious to make an offer or sign the contract to list their house?

Do you have more business and referrals than you know what to do with?


If you think our mission statement can be your mission statement as one of our agents, please contact Adam Peck for an interview.  858.755.8240.  Client Mission Statement.pdf

Torrey Pacific Properties Training Schedule:

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